mViewer(Micro/Mongo Viewer) is a light (read web based like Futon for couchdb) GUI for mongo db which does not need any installation steps.


Whats new in mViewer-v1.0.0 ?

  1. Introduced tabs to open and work on individual db's simultaneously
  2. Added support to run multiple db queries based on selection

mViewer-v1.0.0 beta

Whats new in mViewer-v1.0.0 beta ?

  1. Redesigned complete user interface with enhanced ease
  2. New login interface which supports mongodb started with/without auth mode
  3. Full support of roles and privileges
  4. User creation with roles with specific set actions
  5. Supports latest MongoDB v3.x
  6. Integrated all API's with swagger


Whats new in mViewer-v0.9.2 ?

  1. Enhanced Look-n-Feel
  2. Enhanced Query Executor with support for running all queries on collections including Map Reduce & the new aggregation framework.
  3. Support for managing Database users
  4. Supoort for managing Collection indexes
  5. Enhanced authentication & security with support for --auth mode
  6. Enhanced command executor

mViewer-v0.9.1 - Stable Release (as on 25-08-2012)

mViewer-v0.9.1 supports :-

  1. Managing Databases - Create/Drop databases
  2. Managing Collections - Create/Update/Drop collections
  3. Managing GridFS files - Add/View/Download/Drop files
  4. Querying for documents using Query executor
  5. Quick Navigation & Execution of all actions items using CTRL + Space.
  6. Pagination and Navigation to any subset of documents.
  7. Viewing stats of databases, collections and gridFS
  8. Opening multiple connections from same browser to different MongoDB servers

Download mViewer-v1.0.0-beta

Windows :-

Mac/Linux :-

Download previous versions from


Unzip/Untar the downloaded package and simply run start_mViewer.bat/ (with +x permission).

>start_mViewer.bat <port> in Windows

$./ <port> in Mac/Linux

'port' is optional, if not provided default port (8080) set in properties file will be used.

Start using mViewer at http://localhost:/index.html

Developer Notes

Contribute to Imaginea / mViewer !

1) Fork Imaginea / mViewer
2) Clone your forked mViewer repository locally
3) We use Intellij IDEA for development. So to setup with intellij 
   a) Create mViewer as a maven project using "Import project from external module".
   b) Apply Imaginea code styles/formatting settings to avoid un-wanted diffs with spaces in pull requests.
     - Download and use import settings option to apply it.
     - Make sure to format the code using ctr + alt + l before committing code.
     - When committing code, if see a popup regarding different line separators used in project, 
       then click 'Leave unchanged'.        
   c) Configure a Tomcat Server locally in intellij to run/debug mViewer.
4) You can send a pull request to mViewer master branch with your features/enhancements/fixes.

Making a Release build

Using maven:-

$mvn clean -Prelease

Building a release will generate & mViewer--release.tar.gz files in the target folder which has the mViewer.war bundled with winstone servlet container and start-up scripts from scripts folder.

Running Standalone

Using maven:-

$mvn -Pserver

It will create mViewer.war and run it using the winstone server. Once started, the application can be accessed at http://localhost:port. Default port is 8080 which can be updated in file.

Working on UI

Do $mvn -Pserver to run server standalone.

Go to mviewer-ui and do npm install and npm start to run ui on web-pack dev server.

Launch at http:localhost:3000

Running Unit Tests

Use the following command to run the unit tests. surefire-reports will be generated in target folder.

$mvn install -DskipTests=false

Deploying to Other Servlet-Containers

You can generate a distributable war file using the following commands. The war can be deployed on to tomcat 7x. Other server integration will be provided on demand.

Using maven:-

$mvn clean package

Once the war is deployed go to the url http://:/mViewer

Eagerly waiting for feature requests and bug reports
Team Imaginea