Server Installation

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  1. Java jdk neeeds to be installed. More info is available at link

Deploy the downloaded files

The war is self contained including the database.

The war can be deployed in two ways:

  • As a standalone server.

To deploy the bot-bot server as a standalone server, go to the server folder under the latest download. You will find a file with name "bot-bot-server-standalone.jar". Run the following command in the command prompt after going to the said folder.

 java -jar bot-bot-server-standalone.jar

This will start the standalone bot-bot server. The server can be accessed using the url "http://localhost:8080/index.html".

  • On an servlet supported webserver:

    Bot-bot server can be deployed to any of the servlet container like Apache Tomcat, Jboss, etc.To deploy the war do the following:

    • Create the war as mentioned in the Build the war section.
    • Copy the war from the target folder under the bot-bot/server to the webapps folder of your serrvlet container.
    • Start your server.
    • Access the server using the following URL
http://<localhost or systemip>:<port>/bot-bot-server/index.html

Note: In case you are deploying the war on a servlet container server. You need update the "SERVER_NAME" under the file in the "recorder" section. The recorder is currently configured to record on the standalone bot-bot server deployment.