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Following features were implemented as part of 0.82 release:

  • Support to recorde back/ESC key actions
  • Now users can directly use any Robotium method(having primitive types as arguments) as keywords for test-cases
  • Fixed bug related to failure in integrating recorder when dependent library jar are not available.
  • Bug fixes


Following features were implemented as part of 0.8 release:

  • Data-driven testing using csv files
  • Junit html report generation for Robotium framework
  • TestNG-xslt report generation with Pie chart for Robotium framework
  • Support for clicktext,asserttextpresent,asserttextnotpresent actions on WebViews
  • Allow user to delete recorded sessions on server.
  • Support for the drawable id as locators
  • Bug fixes


Following features were implemented as part of 0.7 release:

  • Support for robotium framework
  • Reduced the configuration required to integrate bot-bot with the test app.
  • Integrate recorder to Android app without the need of the source code.
  • Export as CSV option for downloading the test-case as csv file.
  • clickbyid support for Robotium framework