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  • Recorder is unable to compile the code and giving ClassNotFound/Missing class error

    Some application uses external libraries for development. Bot-bot recrorder will need this libraries while intgrating itself with the app. To fix this issue please paste any dependency jars onto the "lib/extra-libs" folder of the recorder and rerun the "ant" command.

  • Does bot-bot works with an android application apk file?

    Yes. Bot-bot works with Native android application apk files.

  • On ANT recorder cmd , I am getting this error where it states the signed apk is not available.?

    JDK 1.7 creates this problem, As of now Android supports only JDK 1.6.

  • Error Running javac.exe compiler on “ant runner” command?

    This issue is due to the environment variable setting. The JAVA_HOME should point to the JDK instead of jre.

  • ANT Recorder command fails with exception in Command Prompt?

    In the Recorder.Properties settings file, Set the SERVER_NAME blank.

  • Recorder Command fails with com.android.dx.util.MutabilityException: immutable instance?

    The Android version should be greater than 3.

  • I am getting error as table already exist in database in the server console?

    Drop the table in the data base if exists.

  • How to know database url and password?

    http://localhost:8080/h2/login.jsp is local database url. Running on port 8080 & the UserName is sa.

  • Does bot-bot supports Hybrid applications (ex. applications using native and webview both the components)

    Bot-bot runner supports WebViews partially and supports use of search text, asser text present, assert text not present actions on a webview.
    Currently recorder does not support WebViews or Hybrid applications.
    This will be supported in coming releases.